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Choice of kitchen backsplash material

Choosing the kitchen backsplash material is one major problem that most of the Kitchen Backsplash Guys customers face. The material to be used is mostly determined by your budget limits, style and also the aesthetics that you prefer for your kitchen. Durability and sustainability is also an important factor that you must consider when choosing the material.


Cost of kitchen backsplash materials

The cost of the kitchen backsplashes is mainly determined by the material you are going to use for the backsplash. The more expensive the material the more will be the cost of installation. Kitchen Backsplash Guys charges affordable rates for all our installation process.


Kitchen backsplash installation

Installation of a backsplash is done by professionals who will ensure that it is well fitted and able to last for long. The installation process requires the customer to buy the different accessories at Kitchen Backsplash Guys and also ensure you got all the needed kitchen backsplashes. Kitchen Backsplash Guys are able to deal with all the different materials used for backsplashes.

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Kitchen Backsplash

There are different kitchen backsplash materials that Kitchen Backsplash Guys sells and also installs in our customers houses, these materials include;

Glass Tile

Kitchen Backsplash Guys provides these glass tiles in different styles, colors and sizes depending on the size of the kitchen backsplash. Glass kitchen backsplashes are easy to clean and require very minimal maintenance. They also bring out that modern feel and look to your kitchen and can be able to resist stains. Some drawbacks of glass as kitchen splash material include; problems when doing installation, buying glass kitchen backsplashes can be expensive and many of the customers may find it hard to buy.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is the most common type of kitchen backsplash that most customers buy. Kitchen Backsplash Guys has stocked many varieties of these type and always ensure we have them available for our customers. They also come in different colors.porcelain is not that expensive thus making it more affordable for more of our customers. Kitchen Backsplash Guys also have porcelain tiles which come with different designs and graphics which are combined with boarders of different designs during installation giving you kitchen a very beautiful look.

Porcelain tiles are preferred for kitchen backsplashes because of the following advantages;

Porcelain tile kitchen backsplashes come in many different sizes thus making it easy to use them on different kitchen models no matter the size variation.

They are easy installation, maintenance and also cleaning.

Porcelain tile kitchen backsplashes are easy to install

Stone tile

Stone tiles have also over the years become a favorite material for people who are having kitchen backsplashes in their houses.Kitchen Backsplash Guys offers stone tiles in a wide variety which ranges from marble, granite and quartz. When you use these stone tiles for your kitchen backsplashes you are assured of a natural and beautiful look for the your kitchen, the stone tiles also have an added advantage as you can have counter tops in your kitchen with the same colors as the kitchen backsplashes thus bringing out an amazing kitchen. Stone walls also have disadvantages especially when installing, they are usually hard to install and the installation process is very expensive. They require constant maintenance and have to have some sealant to assure you of long life.

For more information the materials used in kitchen backsplashes reach Kitchen Backsplash Guys on 888-288-6018.

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