About Us

Kitchen Backsplash Guys is a leading supplier and installer of different kitchen back splash materials. We have experienced professionals who can install any type of kitchen back splashes with ease. We are known for our ability and commitment in providing the best quality in all we do. We also have the professional and working standards, we treat our customer with respect and always ensure that they are fully satisfied with all our products and services. The best provider of furniture restoration services.


Our vision at Kitchen Backsplash Guys is to be the leading provider of all the kitchen backsplash installation services and materials. We have put all the required strategies in place to ensure we are able to make the vision true and to have all the plans implemented in the set time frame. Our vision is also to expand and enlarge Kitchen Backsplash Guys coverage to different parts in the world.


Our mission at Kitchen Backsplash Guys is to provide the kitchen backsplash installation services to all customers at affordable rates and also ensure that they are getting the best quality materials for these backsplashes. We are committed to serving customer expectations beyond what they expect of us and also have them fully satisfied with every service and product that we offer. We always take pride when we know that we are able to satisfy our customers and we have the referring customers to us.

Our uniqueness

At Kitchen Backsplash Guys we always ensure that we are always exceptional in all we do. We have exceptional products and services and these makes us have an edge in the market. We have an exceptional way of treating out customers and always have emphasis on customer satisfaction and also the effectiveness and timely delivery of all customer orders.


Kitchen Backsplash Guys has workers from all over, we employ quality and unique talents. Kitchen Backsplash Guys employs unique and skillful workers and also ensures that we improve them each day to achieve the best out of their careers. We are committed to promoting the best and positive working environment through empowerment, encouragement. Education, reward systems, compensation and recognition of efforts and creativity of all our employees. Our reward system reward and strengthens the employee and the business also.

Our principles and values

Some of the principles and values that always make us unique include;

Integrity and respect, respect is one thing that customer will always notice and love anyone who really respects them, we ensure we behave well in morally and ethically ways when dealing with our customers and also in all our various activities at work. Through maintaining respect and work ethics we earn trust and confidence from our supplier, customers and the society. We are always honest and open in all our dealings.

Resourcefulness in that we will always finish any customer order in the required time. We also use our skills in coming out with designs that always suits a customer needs.at Kitchen Backsplash Guys we do our best and give our best to our customers whenever they give us contracts to do their kitchen backsplashes

Customers can always contact us on 888-288-6018 to get more information and advice about our product and services.

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